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I am Ashish, the admin for this website. Having grown up with an Autistic brother, I understand the hurdles families face dealing with Autism. I have also realized that lots could be achieved by harnessing the strengths of Autistic children to integrate them into the society. Here, we share the objective to make that information freely available! Read more

How SPEAKall iPad App can Improve Communication

iPads got much more to them apart from making kids indulge into Netflix and play candy crush. Or that’s what Ariana Azzato claims in her recent study. Ariana is a graduate student in the College of Health and Human Sciences. Her studies evaluated a treatment package, which is a combo of an iPad application (SPEAKall, with [...]

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Autism Prevention Theory

Special cells discovered! They prevent, they cure. More tests needed before it can be declared officially as an efficient measure, but studies so far exhibited positive outcomes in both treatment and prevention of autism in infantile brains. A dramatic turn-around can thus be anticipated in the lives of millions of individuals  Autism worldwide. A bit [...]

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Autism and Nutrition

You can’t always define the exact what causes Autism in toddlers and children. All that scientists know is it’s the mixed result of anomalies in neurobehavioral brain function, the genetic construct greatly responsible. The normal brain functions often go awry due to genetic factors. Scientists also believe that the environment could also be a suspected cause of Autism. A [...]

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8 Key Strategies for Working with Families Having Autism

In our experience, successful education for a child with Autism starts with a positive working relationship between home and school. One of the biggest challenges for parents/carers and teachers is to develop an effective relationship. It is in the interest of everyone involved – child, staff, and families – that we create a positive partnership. This is [...]

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Autism Speech Therapy Strategies

Is Speech Therapy only for Autism? Speech and language impairment is one of the defining characteristics of Autism It’s a question that often bothers speech therapists and parents alike. It’s not just that Speech Therapy applies only to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder; it is equally effective for typically developing children if you want them [...]

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ADHD and Autism In The Classroom

Do children with attention deficit and Autism Spectrum Disorder feel too constraint in classrooms? The harsh reality is that this is true. If you look at it from the child's perspective, staying put in a class for hours and trying to focus on lessons is hard, remember your school days? It upsets most such children. They find it difficult [...]

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Characteristics of Autism

In this post, I will talk about some of the Characteristics of Autism. The key objective for me is to provide you with an overview of the wide variety of characteristics that individuals with autism display on a day to day basis.  You will also learn how these characteristics are used to make a diagnosis. Prevalence for autism spectrum [...]

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Applied Bahavior Analysis

“What is Applied Behavioral Analysis?” That is exactly what I will answer for you today. In this post, we will talk about the science of behavioral analysis, its rich history, its characteristics and its functional utility in our everyday lives. You will discover why using behavioral analysis is important, what exactly it entails, [...]

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Autism Relationship Problems

Autism or not, wherever family inter-personal relationships exist, a problem or two must co-exist as well. How often do you feel that you and your partner don't get along? According to a recent US census, this happens to at least one out of every two couples in a relationship. While the empathy quotient is quite high [...]

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Autism In Women

In our previous articles, we have talked about Autism in Girls Vs Autism in Boys. Also, there is another article dedicated for issues faced by girls with ADHD. In this post we would focus on why female Aspergers and Autism is so underrated in terms of diagnosis and research. But before you read on, watch [...]

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