About Mary Alexa

Hello everyone my name is Mary. I studied at University of Michigan under Dr. Richard Solomon, founder of the P.L.A.Y. Project for Children on the Autism Spectrum. I live in the Dominican Republic working at an International School with children on the autism spectrum. Empowering parents with knowledge and techniques to support their children’s needs as well as the needs of the entire family and community has been my main focus for the past seven years. Read More

10 Strategies to Handle Violent Autistic Behavior in Toddlers & Children

Responding to violent autistic behavior in toddlers and children requires significant parental considerations. Interspersions, not intensities; will worsen the behavior further for the child. For example, lets take Adam, who likes hit the child next to him in school because he likes to hear the other child's reaction–“He hit me!” Or, let's talk about Sophie; who, out of jealousy, throws [...]

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Autism Travel Guide

Travelling is dear to many an American. The average national total spending amounts to $644.9 billion (only leisure/pleasure travel). Trips ranged from slipping away for a weekend to enjoying a month long vacation with family. Travelling for Parents having Children with Autism Travelling - unless work is making you - takes away the stress of [...]

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Autism and Bullying

It’s quite alarming the way school bullying is increasing! The uprise in the growth rates of the phenomenon led to numerous studies on it, all demonstrating that children with Autism stand as the most victimized lot in schools and classrooms. Their high vulnerability of being bullied exists because of social skill deficits as experienced in Autism. Available [...]

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Autism Medication Strategies

Autism Medication Strategies Physicians generally follow published guidelines for managing medication and treatment of children with Autism. Many medical societies publish guidelines. For example, in the U.S.A, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the American Academy of Neurology (AAN), and the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) have all created and published ASD-specific [...]

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

An Overview of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Autism This article will tell you everything a parent or an educator needs to know about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (or CBT).  The first years of life demonstrate cognitive manifestation of an individual through modes of developments in communication skills, play skills, imitation and participation in daily routines. Cognitive Development largely influences an [...]

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ADHD Diet Plan

So what should a healthy platter constitute for your child with ADHD? Please note that this article details some essential guidelines around ADHD diet for kids. If your child also has Autism, you might prefer to check out our guidelines around Gluten Free (GFCF) Diet for Autism instead. A Healthy ADHD Diet Plan for your Kid [...]

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What is Echolalia Autism

Fig 1: What is Echolalia Autism What is Echolalia? Fig 2: Echolalia in Conversation Echolalia is a form of unconventional verbal behaviors such as repeating a conversation, television program or part of a movie/play word for word. Even the inflections or tones and patterns of the conversation will be replicated [...]

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ADHD Symptoms in Girls

It hardly comes as a surprise that the standards used for diagnosis of ADHD in children is primarily based on the behavior pattern of boys. The below statistics should tell you why! Fig 1: ADD diagnosis rates for Children in Unites States Fig 2: ADHD Gender Ratio for Children in United States. Download Graph [...]

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Is Autism a Psychological Disorder

I have been asked this question a lot of times - Is autism a psychological disorder? It's about time I clear that misconception. Autism, although it comes with its own labels and stigmas, is not a psychological disorder. In fact, autism is not a mental illness and autistic persons do not choose to behave as [...]

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Oppositional Defiant Disorder Treatment

Fig 1: Oppositional Defiant Disorder Treatment Relational Model. Download Media In this post, I will cover the various oppositional defiant disorder treatment strategies and a real-life ODD Case Study. For details on what is ODD and get an insight on some of the common ODD prevalence statistics, click here. What Exactly is Oppositional Defiant [...]

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