A look into how you can establish your business in Dubai

There are a number of considerations that should be given attention in case you are interested in setting up a business in Dubai. However, what you need to bear in mind is that Dubai is very welcoming to foreign investments, so the restrictions aren’t as bad as you may imagine.
Detailed information

To get started with, the government of Dubai offers several different business models that foreign investors can choose from. these include:

  • Branch or representative office
  • Commercial agency arrangements
  • Direct sales
  • Special free zone investments

Before getting started with your accounting services dmcc, it is necessary for you to acquire detailed information about the region in general. It is best for you to conduct detailed research, particularly into the business sector that interests you. With that, you need to come up with a detailed business plan that consists information about the market conditions, forecasted results and competition etc. If you have a credible plan, there is a good chance that you will acquire local or even governmental support in Dubai.


What you need to bear in mind here is that foreign investors are required by law to have a local partner. Apart from that, it is also necessary for the local partner to hold the majority interest so that they have the power to control the business. What this means is that the partner will get to own 51% of the business, which gives him the power to call all the shots with regards to how things function. On top of it all, it is not necessary at all for the local partner to participate financially in the startup of the business. Once you find a partner and get your business registered, it is necessary for you to prove to the Ministry of Commerce that you have a substantial amount of money that you wish to invest. The sum of money that you show is basically considered to be a guarantee against liabilities.

Now, not everyone is interested in working with a local partner in Dubai. If this holds true for you, then you also have the option of owning 100% of your company. However, for this purpose, it will be necessary for you to establish your business in one of the many free zones in Dubai. If you are interested in setting up your business in Dubai, then go to website to acquire more information about how you can do so.