High Functioning Autism and Asperger’s

No one will display all the known characteristics of autism; some individuals may exhibit only a few. Just as no two non-autistic people, including identical twins who are absolutely alike, no two individuals with Asperger syndrome or high functioning autism behave in exactly the same way. All, however, have some difficulties interacting with other people and some odd [...]

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Autism Epidemic – How Real is it?

“While there are few Flat-Earthers who insist that there is no real epidemic of autism, only an increased awareness, it is obvious to everyone else that the number of young children with autism spectrum disorders has risen, and continues to rise, dramatically.” Is excessive Media Attention causing the fear of Autism Epidemic? The [...]

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Top 5 Autism Myths

It calls for the record to be set straight with myths around Autism. In this post, we will take away certain misconceptions associated with raising a child with Autism. Therefore, without further ado, let’s get straight to the concepts that make an already difficult situation weirder to be dealt with. Before we start talking about [...]

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ADHD Evolutionary Advantages

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is the most common of all psychiatric disorders among children and teenagers. It’s evident from the name that you would certainly not want to be living with it. So what are the known causes of ADHD? While a lot of research is still being carried out in this space, genetics [...]

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Autism In Women

In our previous articles, we have talked about Autism in Girls Vs Autism in Boys. Also, there is another article dedicated for issues faced by girls with ADHD. In this post we would focus on why female Aspergers and Autism is so underrated in terms of diagnosis and research. But before you read on, watch [...]

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Autism Awareness Pack

Welcome to this Autism Awareness page. This is a short handout on Autism for people who need a quick overview of what Autism is all about. While this page explains each slide in detail, the same information in also available in the form of Autism PDF and Powerpoint slides. Click below to download [...]

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What is Psychosis

Many of our readers, often ask me, is autism a psychological disorder? The short answer is no. Autism and psychological impairments are totally unrelated. Psychiatric illness is primarily classified under 2 broad categories: Neurosis and Psychosis. Well, what is psychosis? In this post I will cover it in detail. Sigmund Freud, General Psychological Theorist says,"Neurosis [...]

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Childhood Disintegrative Disorder

Fig 1: Childhood Disintegrative Disorder - A rare form of Autism What is Childhood Disintegrative Disorder? Fig 2: Theodor Heller Disintegrative disorder in children is also known as Heller’s syndrome. It is an extremely rare condition in which children develop normally up to an age of two and then [...]

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What is Echolalia Autism

Fig 1: What is Echolalia Autism What is Echolalia? Fig 2: Echolalia in Conversation Echolalia is a form of unconventional verbal behaviors such as repeating a conversation, television program or part of a movie/play word for word. Even the inflections or tones and patterns of the conversation will be replicated [...]

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ADHD Symptoms in Girls

It hardly comes as a surprise that the standards used for diagnosis of ADHD in children is primarily based on the behavior pattern of boys. The below statistics should tell you why! Fig 1: ADD diagnosis rates for Children in Unites States Fig 2: ADHD Gender Ratio for Children in United States. Download Graph [...]

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