How Can I Make My Vape Hit Last Longer?

How Can I Make My Vape Hit Last Longer?

One of the most frustrating experiences is running out of vape juice. The price of e-juice can get expensive if you vape frequently. Fortunately, there are some ways to make your vape hit last longer. Firstly, consider using e-juice with higher nicotine strength. If you are considering vape Dubai free delivery, visit this link.

Nicotine salts:

Nicotine salts are a relatively new addition to the vaping industry. While most vape stores don’t stock them, they are quickly becoming more popular. You can also find them online. 

Refilling your device:

When you use an e-cig, you’ll need to refill your tank at some point. There are a few different ways to refill your vape pen. First, always make sure you seal the refill tightly to prevent leakage. Also, be sure not to overfill it because it can cause it to burn out or clog.

Keeping your e-juice bottle properly:

There are several simple steps that you can take to make your e-juice last longer. One of the most important is to store the bottle in a dark and cool place. This is because heat and direct sunlight can make the ingredients in vape juice expire more quickly. The juice should also be kept away from other liquids or household chemicals. If you regularly vape from large bottles, consider buying smaller bottles.

Using a low-powered device:

If you’re looking to make your vape hit last longer, you should use a low-powered device. While higher voltages can produce more intense flavor, they also cause your battery to run out of juice faster. Using a low-powered device can prolong your vape hit by as much as 50%.

Avoiding high VG e-liquids:

When deciding which e-liquid to use, you should pay special attention to the VG/PG ratio. Higher VG/PG ratios provide a vapor with a thicker throat hit. However, some people are sensitive to PG and experience only minor irritation when using e-liquid with a high PG/VG ratio.

Cleaning your coils:

The coils in your vape device can get extremely dirty, which is why it is important to clean them regularly. You can use a cotton swab to clean the coils, but you must make sure that you do not hit the actual coil. In addition, you can also use a dab tool to remove stubborn stains and a paper clip to clean in between the coil wraps.

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