Information about traditional nursery schools

Nursery schools are for children who are under the age of five years. Typically a child gets admission in a nursery school at the age of three years. A Nurseries school Dubai is the place where your child meets the world for the first time on his own. Basic purpose of preschools is to introduce your child with the basic learning concepts that could help him throughout his studies. This is where your child learn first letters, alphabets and numbers of his life. He learn how to paint. How to communicate. How to behave. If you want to know more about nursery schools, so following features of a nursery school will help you understand their role and importance in your child’s educational life:


Many parents assume that Nursery schools do not have a curriculum or set objective to teach their children. This is far away from the reality every nursery school operates with a set curriculum that also defines targets and goals that must be achieved by the children.


Parents also believe that a nursery school is all about fun and games. There is no denying the fact that teachers use imaginative play to teach children in a nursery school, but they also teach discipline and instructions to the children.

Targets and goals

Of course children of this age cannot asked to sit for proper examination. But they are taught how to read, write, draw, listen and speak basics such as alphabets, letters, sounds, numbers, shapes, sounds and much more. Teachers make them repeat their lesson again and again which is then given them to do on their own as a task.

Teachers role

In a nursery school teachers play the center role in learning process. Learning on their own is almost impossible for children that young. This is why teacher has to explain each and every shape, word and letter herself. It’s teacher who guide them what they are going to learn next. This is why nursery schools give proper attention on the skills and expertise of their teachers.

Physical activities

Nursery schools also has a early learning center dubai. This is not only used you make children have some relaxation from learning but it is used for learning purposes as well. Children play with toys that are of different shapes, few are of the shape of alphabets while others as numbers and so on to make children learn in a fun way.

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