Private or public – know which school to send your kid

Choosing a school for kids has always remained a debatable topic. There may be several reasons as to why it becomes a worrying thing for some but looking at it, overall, finding a suitable school is a must for all parents. No wonder it consumes a lot of your time. if you’ve been looking for one, chances are that you may have heard about the debate that goes on for an eternity. It goes like this, “which type of school is more important out of the two” and then the arguments over one being better than the other continue to unfold. Whether you are looking for an Abu Dhabi international private school, or have in mind a public school, the level of education in both will remain top class. Still, there are marked differences between both that one should keep in mind. First of all, you need to understand what type of school you want to send your kid too. Doing so will make things a little easy to understand and when the time is right, you will likely cherish the decision you took for your child’s future. The international school naturally has a foot print across several countries and is going to offer more benefits to your kid compared to a local public school. However, the public school may prove to be more economical and in some cases, may fall into your requirements. In other words, both types come with their share of pros and going for either is a win-win situation for parents and children. Here is more on this so continue reading and learn more:

Why private?

Without discrediting the tremendous efforts undertaken by public schools for shaping the future of children in UAE, private schools work differently. You may have heard about exposure and Cambridge systems, well these work in many countries so children from this background are likely to have appropriate exposure. Then comes the faculty, most of the faculty in private international schools are high learned and professional. It is likely that you will see your kid learning things that may sound a little difficult. These schools have a systematic way of doing things which is something important.

Worth it?

Well, it is very much worth it if you are thinking about investment view point as these schools like Abu Dhabi American school, will help teach your child the basics of education new technique to learn. Each of those will come in handy at a time when they’ll need them most.

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