The best parts of Canadian immigration

To go for Canadian immigration you need to go to the Oman immigration office to get the proper Information about the process and about the things you need to complete your application. You need to talk to them on every matter which bothers you and get your doubts clear. When you go to the Canadian consulate Muscat you will know about the types of visa you will get and the facilities you will be provided in Canada. Here are a few kinds of visas you need to know:

Basically there are two types of visas but these two types are further divided into different categories. First kind of visa is the permanent one in which you will get the chance to live in Canada for the rest of your life without any problem but for this you have to provide all of your documents and make them believe that you are a good person and you never had any kind of criminal record in your entire life. Also you need to provide them the reasons why you want to love there forever and provide your medical certificates that you do not have any kind of contagious disease which may spread over there. Once you make them believe that you provided all the documents with the best of your intention then they will consider your application and decide whether they are going to give you permission or not.

Then the second type is the temporary visa in which there are several other categories are present. First is that you will get the visit visa and they will allow you to visit their beautiful country and admire the beauty of the amazing landscapes and the greenery. This will be of few months of weeks and after the expiry date of that visa you need to return back to your home. You cannot live there forever with visit visa. Then there is student visa which is provided to students so that they can start their education in Canada and get the best kind of knowledge there. Education level there is high and good education is provided so students want to go there for that. After that there is working visa for which people will get the permission to enter in to the country and get the income through job which you need to apply earlier.

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