The Golden City of Dubai: Is It Really Made of Gold?

Living in the arms of desert and sea, Dubai is widely recognized for its natural beauty. Dubai opens its doors to the business opportunities and new architecture. For sure it’s tourist’s eye-candy. Dubai is famous as the Golden city but is it actually made of gold? Well, Dubai has been given this name due to the unbeatable development in all zones.

Not only a Gulf port anymore!

Previously it was just a Gulf port but because of the hard work of rulers now it has been transformed into the famous destination. Tourists come here to have wonderful vacations and entrepreneur see it as eye-candy.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that the city of gold is the main hub for gold trade. One thing which has made Dubai famous is that, it has introduced the tax-free deals so customers can shop their easily or if somebody is looking to invest, he can invest easily in those tax free deals. People from different countries take their steps towards Dubai to buy gold.

Opened doors for tourists

In the past Dubai used to depend solely on trade and oil, that’s how it used to generate revenue. But with the passing time, the rulers understood the need of making it something more than just a port so; they decided to Open Dubai for rest of the world and see here we are! Now we know Dubai as the famous tourists destination, now it isn’t confined to just a port.

A good thing about Dubai’s government is that, at the very early stage they understood that tourist are taking interest in Dubai so the government started spending more on  tourism. To promote this Industry they invest in beautiful museums, resorts, shopping centers and many other things.

Something you need to know about Gold Souk!

Gold Souk of Dubai is responsible for giving it a name “City of gold”. An exciting thing is that Gold souk has 250 retail outlets of gold. Visitors love the gold souk and come from different countries to buy gold from there.

Beautiful Architecture

Not only it is limited to gold but the architecture of Dubai has added the shining star into its popularity. People do call it the heaven on desert. You will some of the best architecture in Dubai, likewise, Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al-Arab and many others.

The Arabian culture is very rich itself. It is full of vibrant colors and you have a sneak peek into it by visiting the museums in Dubai, where you will get to know about the lives of previous Arabs and how they transformed the city.

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