Types of coffee

Everyone likes coffee. And everyone should like coffee. After all, the smell of coffee beans, Dubai is home to coffee beans trees, and its being strong in nature is very addictive.

Today, there are numerous types of coffee and uniqueness. Each has its own taste. Some of them are

  1. Cappuccino: It is the most popular type of coffee. It has three layers. The layer at base is the layer of espresso which is followed by the layer of steamed milk and the layers ended with frothed milk or barista. The last layer has toppings as well. In Italy, people have it in breakfast usually.
  2. Café Latte: It is also must-try. It has two layers: steamed milk and espresso or coffee. It is milky and frothed yet people could not differentiate between Café Latte and flat white.
  3. Caffè Americano: Café Americano is the simplest coffee. All a person have to do is to add hot water in espresso or coffee in. American soldiers used to have it during SECOND WORLD WAR to have some beverages for longer time.
  4. Flat White: Flat White is little different from Caffe Latte. In flat white, a person has to pour steamed and creamy milk over espresso. Usually parents have it who have school going children.
  5. Espresso: It is the most famous coffee yet it seems easy to make because you have to boil water, ground your coffee and then add it in boiling eater with some more water and it is ready. However, only few companies are able to make the best espresso.
  6. Long Black: Long Black and Americano has difference too. In Americano water is poured over espresso while in Long Black espresso is added in hot water. The coffee is strong and frothed, unlike latter. Moreover, Long Black is originated in Australia and Netherlands, like Flat White.
  7. Mochaccino: Mochaccino or Mocha is the coffee for chocolate lovers. It has espresso, milk and chocolate powder. You can top it with cream. It is good for people who are newbie in the coffee world and come out hot chocolate newly.

So, these are seven basic and the most common types of coffee which you must try. If you cannot afford to buy, then use your office coffee machines and try new coffee recipes. It will make the week creative.

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