Types of Skating

The world is not about dealing with science and numbers only. We, humans, need some art and its expressions to make the world a symbol of euphoria. That’s why there is the profession of painting, sketching, writing, cooking and sports.

There are different kinds of sports in the world. One of them is skating. Skating is the sport of kids and teens. Many of the children skate on streets and parks regularly and bring joy at our windows whenever we see them. However, skating is not an informal sport as it seems. Many of the sportsmen have made their career in skating and shocked the world with their jumps and spins.

There are different kinds and types of skating. Each kind and type has its uniqueness and different quality that can make practice. There are four main types of skating. Scroll down to know the types: 

  1. Single Skating: Single skating is the most popular type of skating in which a skater performs steps, turns and footwork alone in the field to impress the audience and spectators.
  2. Pair Skating: It is the most eye-glueing form of skating in which a man and woman perform together in the competition. The male skater spin, throws and lift the female skater and make the audience to say WOW. The pair have to make rhythm with the music and their colours to get the highest marks from the judges.
  3. Ice Skating: Ice skating is the most thrilling type of skating in which skater dances, spins and jumps on ice. Many of the skaters wear bright coloured costumes and some jewellery to get the attention of the spectators. The dancers or skaters have to perform two compulsories during the performance. Michelle Kwan is one of the most celebrated skaters in ice skating. There are different figure skating training clothes for this type of skating which let move and jump freely.
  4. Synchronized Skating: Unlike other types, a team of twelve skaters perform synchronized skating on the played music. They make rhythm with the music and its tones to bind the audience and make it seem like a perfect expression of art with their long and short skate programs and rhythmic footwork.

So these are four main types of skating. You can buy ballet leotards online and use YouTube to learn some easy steps of skating yourself. You can even join an institute to become a professional skater.