Ways On Designing A Small Restaurant Space

Would-be restaurateurs always want to make it big in the industry, but starting small would give them a definite advantage as they would learn to work from the bottom and deal with certain limitations such as space.

If you are planning to build a restaurant with limited dimensions, here are some tips that can help you on dealing with such problems:

  • Create a smart floor plan

The main problem that you need to deal with the smallness of the space. But you look beyond the size and focus on creating a smart floor plan that would accommodate everything – from the people to the equipment. There are a lot of things that you need to consider. Aside from your customer, there are other stakeholders that will use the space such as your employee. Take into account the needs of everybody and see how you can incorporate this on your floor plan.


With space limitation, the key here is to utilize every corner available. No space should be left unused. Also, you need to think vertical in this case. It means that you need to create design and floor plan that would maximize the walls, etc.


  • Do not forget the breathing space

Having a small space doesn’t mean that you have to cram everything inside the space. You might think that putting as many tables and chairs in your small space would help you in terms of profit. In reality, this might backfire. Remember, one of your goals is to provide comfort to your customers. If they feel crammed and suffocated, then there is a high chance that they will not come back again for another meal. This would affect your marketing goals of creating loyal followers.


Allow some space between the furniture. This would give your customers more allowance to move while they are seated. Limit the seating capacity if you must.


  • Choose the right furniture

Since you are dealing with a pretty small space, you need to make adjustments with other things like the furniture. Do not buy bulk and big furniture. This could take space and wouldn’t not allow movement within the space. Opt for much leaner furnishings. With leaner furniture, you can still increase your seating capacity and provide breathing space.


But do not take for granted comfort and safety which picking your furniture. Check out suppliers of restaurant furniture in Dubai and see their line of furnishings if there are furniture that would fit your space and design requirement.


  • Make the room lit

It is a common knowledge that lighting can make an illusion of bigger space. Use that to your advantage and lit the room. But be sure that the lighting is appropriate. Too much brightness might annoy the people inside the space.

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