What is fabrication?

Fabrication is defined as the process of inventing something or manufacturing something in order to convert it into something that is desired.  The word fabrication is often used when stones, ceramics and metals etc. are concerned, which is the cutting, bending and welding of metals and ceramics into different forms so that they can be put to further use. Marble is fabricated and is then used for decorative purposes, for building purposes and much more. Same is the case with metal.

As a simple example, we could say that in the past, people used to fight with swords and sheaths. Metals used in those swords was “Fabricated” by blacksmiths and welders and then sharpened in order to convert them into the weapons that were desired. Other examples of metal being fabricated include the conversion of metal into long rods and plates which are used in making tables, shelves, gates, doors, window panels and many other small and big accessories. Many spear parts made of metal which are used in automobiles, machinery, civil infrastructure etc. are first fabricated into desired shape and then are used. Fabrication in the past was done by hands only but today, with huge advancements in technology, many machines, big and small are available which help in easy cutting and welding of metals. Hence, work has been made easy but this process is still an art of great precision and plan. Planning and designing is done by fabrication workers before the fabricators start working upon the raw material.

Water jet Metal Cutting:  

A water jet metal cutter is an industrial tool and machinery which is capable of cutting a wide variety of materials. A water jet metal cutter uses a very high pressure water jet or it can be a mixture of water and some abrasive substance. Key characteristic of this cutter is to keep the water coherent and letting it out through a very small nozzle in order to keep a very high pressure of water. The biggest advantage of this water jet metal cutter is that it uses no heat and hence it does not cause any sort of distortion or damage to the material. It has the ability that it can cut the metal in any direction hence is used widely by the fabrication companies in Dubai. The biggest advantage of Water jet metal cutting is that very small and tiny details can be given to the metal with great precision. These characteristics make it, one of the most widely accepted ways of cutting and fabricating metals in the current era.

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