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Note: This Guide DOES NOT promise any miracle formula nor does it guarantee overnight results. It gives you valuable insight on how to perceive the world from your child's perspective. It also empowers you to devise long term sustainable strategies to overcome your child's deficit areas by leveraging his/her strengths.


About the Author..

Suzane Davies is an Ohio based Private Practitioner with more than 28 years of experience in working with Children on the Autism Spectrum. She holds a PHD in Clinical Child Psychology and is an honorary lecturer at the Ohio State University, School of Psychology. Suzane, the author of multiple bestsellers, is also a Guest Writer for AutisMag, a leading Autism news publication.

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Parents of children with Asperger's and Borderline Autism need to think like their little ones. What comes naturally to most of us may be unusually difficult for such children. How can we solve a problem without understanding what it is? Not only does Suzane's Parenting Guide help them in getting to know their kids better, it also teaches the fundamental strategies to handle situations involving daily living, schooling, behavior and communication. As an educator, I would strongly recommend this book to all parents!

Alexa De Freitas
Alexa De Freitas Counsellor, IEP Program, NY

Most parents dealing with Children having Asperger's or High Functioning Autism struggle to understand their children. This Parenting Guide for Aspergers and HFA helps these parents through that journey!

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This is perhaps the best $10 I have ever spent. The book helped me view the world from my son's perspective. Soon, I was able to understand the issues he was facing and devise the right measures to counter those. The bonuses were great too!

Anita Sanders
AspieMum of Julian

I loved every page of this book, especially the two chapters around handling Asperger's at home and in school. The book covered real, practical examples. Suzane offered great support; she always responded my emails.

Yin Samuels
Orcar's Mother and Small Business Owner

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