The Best Online Visual Schedule Booster Pack for Autism

Huge collection of Visual Schedules, Picture Boards & Visual Leading aids PROVEN to work for with Autism

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  • Visual Boards

    Visual representation for organizing thoughts in a structured manner.

  • Visual Pictures

    To help remember objects or activities that impact daily living

  • Autism Checklists

    To help activity completions and getting more organized

  • Visual Schedules

    To help breakdown complex activities into an order of sequence

  • Visual aid for Learning

    To improve classroom engagement and school behavior

  • Sensory Pacifiers

    To assist with progressive relaxation during stress of sensory overload

  • Activity Boards

    To manage choice options for therapy and activities fit for the hour

  • Task Analysis

    Cause and Effect task breakdown into manageable sub-tasks

Key Features and Options Included


  • Interactive Online Scheduler - Unlimited Schedules on the cloud
  • Planviewer Interactive Progress Monitor - To track his development
  • iOS & Android Apps - He Uses in School, You Track from Work
  • 8,00,000+ Picture Collection - Make Scheduling Fun for your Child & You
  • 300+ Pre-made Templates - for most age groups on diverse spectrums

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Introducing a Massive Collection of Autism Visuals!

Visuals with Form-Fit-Functions to Support your Child's Developmental needs. Features Include:

  • Printer Friendly

    All visuals are printable and supports most layouts from A1 to A6 paper sizes. The print would be naturally optimized to the paper size and in high resolution color.

  • Mobile Compatible

    All visuals are fully optimized for smartphones and tablets. They could be easily uploaded to your child’s smartphone to enable access anytime, anywhere.

  • eBook Version Available

    More comfortable using an iPad or Amazon Kindle? No problem, we support most eBook formats to support any e-reader, including a fully functional PDF version.

  • Community Support

    Automatic enrolment to DW Autism Global Community at no extra cost – Ask any question to our in house Autism experts or other parents just like yourself.

  • Tipsheets Included

    Most visuals come with a detailed Tipsheet on how and when to use these – suitable for most children with special needs. Details also provided on which visuals should be combined for optimum effect.

  • Detailed Video Tutorials

    Some of these visual activities may be complex to understand and use. For those, we have created detailed step by step video tutorials that can help you get through those activities with the best results.

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  • Unparalleled Support

    Our response time is 24 hours. You will receive lifetime support of your product from our experts who are qualified and certified in Autism Therapy. Also, you get the opportunity to interact, socialize and share ideas with a large community of similar parents having children with Autism

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    As a one time offer, you get the opportunity to enrol for a 60 days free trial to DW Autism 360° Club – a members only portal that provides you all the tools and therapy techniques and empowers you to be on the driver’s seat for your child’s treatment. This is normally charged at $29.95 per month – first 2 months free for you today. You can cancel anytime and we wont charge you a dime.

What our clients have to say....

I use these visual tools on a daily basis with most of my clients. This is a great resource for parents who want to take control of their child's development. The one that I use the most is the Visual Schedule which I customize for each child by adding the other available visuals as activities within the schedule. I would highly recommend this resource.

Tanya Pavkovik
Tanya Pavkovik Autism K12 Counsellor

I downloaded this Autism visual tool for my 4 year old son who has Asperger's and is still struggling with verbal functioning. The visuals, storyboards and task maps here have helped my son so much! As a beginner, the tipsheets for each visual and the detailed video tutorials have been extremely useful. A must have for every parent dealing with Autism. THANK YOU!

Sue Beth
Sue Beth Aspie Mum of 4 year old

I am Loving it!in_love

LET ME INOnline Scheduler + Visual Boards + Autism 360° + Bonus

Few of the Awesome Visuals you can Access to sort your Child's Life

Simple Volume Meter

This visual will help your child to understand when a volume is too loud or too soft. Also, it contains reference animal pictures to help your child understand what sounds are usually loud. Particularly helpful for children with Sensory Processing Dysfunctions who are extremely sensitive to sound.

Volume Meter Enhanced

This Autism Picture board is an improvement over the previous volume meter. While the previous picture was more instrumental to differentiate between low and high volume, this visual board puts into context a situation where a particulate auditory level is acceptable. For example, the child would need to learn that he or she needs to be quiet in a church while a restaurant or an assembly could get real loud and noisy.

Listening Skills

Listening is a skill that children with Autism are not usually very good at. They fall under 2 categories: Ones that are always in a hurry to express their own feelings without paying attention to what others might have to say, while the other category, being very passive and neither pay attention to what is being told nor interested in expressing their sentiments. This visual board will help them to listen and process information in a structured manner.

Self Awareness

This visual board will help kids with Autism to express their own feelings and state their requirements. Use this Autism Printable to get your child to write down what they want and when they want it. Its handy to stick it up on their study so that they are always self aware of their needs and necessities.

Choice Board Fundamentals

A choice board is an excellent visual tool to stimulate decision making. Decision choices can vary in complexity based on that child's age and severity of Autism. For example, the choice for a toddler might be as simple as Tomato or Milk, but for a high schooler it might be between hiking or skiing. Compliment this with the self awareness picture card.

Simple Task/Choice Board

This you can use for any form, fit or purpose. Just use this printable to create your own sequence of tasks. The task here should be pretty simple and at a high level. You can expand it further by adding subtasks for each of these tasks.
Example: "Get Ready for School" involves Have breakfast, Pack your bags, Get Dressed

Normal Task Board

A more extended version of the simple task board (as in the previous page). This could be used to breakdown more complex tasks.

Complex Task Board

A more extended version of the normal task board (as in the previous page). This could be used to breakdown complex tasks. Another purpose of this is for creating complex choice options to assist the child in his/her decision making process

Task Analysis Visual Board

Real life examples of how task boards could be used effectively to break up tasks from a very high level to a much more granular (activity) level.In the example below, we start from the top "Getting Ready for School" and have subsequently broken down the high level tasks into detailed and structured activities that are easy to follow.

Make your own task analysis boards like this

Choice Option Picture Cards

Visual choice board option flash cards for varying age groups. Different cards available for toddlers, primary and high school kids. Also detailed video instructions on how to use choice options and boards together with task analysis to inspire ideation for your child.

Token Boards

This is another visual Task Analysis strategy that relies of the effect of Reward & Positive Reinforcement.Circles can represent a portion of the completed task. For example answers, math addition, colored picture or sentence completion. Once all the 5 activities are filled in, the reinforcement (reward, in this case popcorn) is earned.

Autism Activity Cards

This is a good way to encourage activities for Autistic children. These Autism flash cards are available in many formats based on the child's developmental needs and age group. Print these visual cards for Autism and cut out the individual pieces. They work very well with the Activity Schedule Visual boards.

Visual Activity Schedules

In this visual schedule board, we are providing you 2 different layouts for managing schedules, horizontal and vertical layout. Children with autism typically need help self managing their schedules. Visual boards such as these helps them to stay focused. You can use these visual boards with activity cards and choice boards.

Relationship Circles

An extremely handy tool for managing difficult behavior and explaining the relationship circles to your child. Children with Autism often do not understand their boundaries. There are certain behaviors that are okay at home or in front of friends but totally inappropriate in front of strangers. This tool helps your child to understand those nuances.

Relationship Flash Cards

An extension of the Relationship Circles but in a more printable and mobile friendly format. Print out this Autism Visual cards and cut them out into individual pieces. Best used together to understand relationship appropriateness.

Circle of Appropriateness

This Autism Visual Board will help your child understand what behavior is appropriate in which situation and context. We also give detailed layouts on how to combine the relationship circles, flash cards and appropriateness circles to get the maximum impact. Detailed video and tipsheets included.

Flash Cards for anytime anywhere access

Creative Ideas to prepare ready references for your child

Friendship Assist

Your child with Autism might find it difficult to make friends. Often, when they want to make friends with someone, they don’t exactly know how to engage them in an activity of mutual interest. Flash cards like these can help the child approach a potential friend and get involved in some fun activity.

Concrete to Abstract

These Visual board for Autism helps the transition of an actual object (concrete) to a written word or concept (abstract). Particularly helpful if your child is non verbal or have impaired communication skills.

Theory of Mind

This Autism picture board is primarily for parent and teachers who deal with children on Autism Spectrum on a day to day basis. The whole foundation of Theory of Mind  is based on the Cognitive differences, deficits and needs that children with Autism have.

Executive Function

Another Autism visual board is primarily for parent and teachers who need to understand the concepts behind Executive Function. Very much like the Theory of Mind, Executive Function  is also based on the Cognitive differences, deficits and needs of children with Autism.

Generalization Strategies

Yet, another learning strategy visual that can help parents and educators alike. Generalization is the ability it apply an already acquired skill in a variety of situations involving different people and materials (inputs).

Wait Strategies

Kids with Autism sometimes get too excited. They don’t usually get the subtle signs when someone might be getting bored, offended or irritated by their constant words or actions. Sometimes it just helps when we tell them to WAIT! This tool will help your to provide your child some wait relief.

Square Breathing Technique

Kids with Autism often find it hard to relax. This is specially applicable for children having Sensory Issues. Once they have an episode of sensory overload, its difficult to get them to take a step back and relax. This Autism Visual board will remind them to hold back and practice some deep breathing.

Relaxation Therapy

The previous Autism picture card was meant to help your child perform Square Breathing. This visual board will take it a step further to integrate square breathing to your child’s daily schedule as part of normal fun activities.

Muscle Calming & Yoga Therapy

This will help your child relax his/her motor muscles while performing Square Breathing. The technique to be adopted is the same as the one described in the Motivate Relaxation flash card. Detailed tipsheets and videos provided.

An example of many possible sensory relaxation techniques. Videos included.

Cognitive Rehearsal Visuals

Children with Autism often display cognitive deficiencies. This Autism Visual board helps in appropriate cognitive function. This could be used with other visuals like:Visual Schedules (for Change Routines), Square Breathing (for Breathe and Relax), Activity Cards (for whichever activity helps your child to relax, e.g. listening to music in this case)

Emotive Stimulators

The objective of this Autism Card is to help your child maintain a catalog of things that spark a certain emotion. The example here pertains to “Things that make me Happy”. You can help your child create a journal or scrapbook to illustrate things that spark an emotion. This can also be replicated for teaching other emotions, like, “Things that make me sad”, “Things that make me angry”, so on and so forth.

Recess Choice Wheel

This is a cool picture boards for children with Autism. the choice wheel provides the child with a list of strategies that could be used for a specific time (for example, recess in this case), area or activity. Each choice should be planned carefully by the child and the parent/educator, taught and then practiced for best results.

Change in Routine Manager

Most parents, dealing with Autistic children, would agree that a sudden change in routine can really upset your child. To minimize the stress on your little one, it is often advised to child your child is given advanced notice every time there is a plan change.

Classroom Organization Cheatsheet

This visual board will help your child stay organized during a classroom setting. Various formats are available, for example:
By Teacher: Mrs Jones’ class
By Subject: Maths, Geography and Science.

School Checklist

A very handy visual checklist for school readiness. This empowers the student to independently prepare for events before going to school (Things I need to Carry) and before leaving school for home (Things I need to take Home).

Homework Organizer

This Autism Picture Chart would help your child stay organized with Homework. Kids with Autism are often forgetful and either they forget to let parents/guardians know about a homework they need to finish or they forger to bring back home the items required to complete the homework (for example, the geometry box).

Teacher Help Assist

Children with Autism may often need substantially more help than other typical students. Especially, when they do not follow a particular instruction, they tend to get very confused and often frustrated resulting in low classroom engagement level and therefore, lower grades. This Autism visual helps the child to stay focused and seek help from instructor

Behavior Control

The problem that most teachers face with Children on Autism Spectrum is controlling their behavior in classroom. This Autism Visual card can help set the ground rules for the class. Even if you may have only one or two children in the class with special needs, it makes absolute sense to print this visual in a large A2 paper and stick it up on the classroom. That way the rules are same for everyone!

Aggression Control Tactics

Violence of any form should not be tolerated, either in classroom or home settings. Kids with Autism often find it difficult to control their aggression against classmates or family. This Autism picture card will help your child to control aggression.

Circle Time Strategies

Most parents having children on the Spectrum should know that Circle time is an important group activity that helps children enhance their communication and social skills. This Autism visual aid will help to set the ground rules during these circle times.

Break Passes

Children with Autism & ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) often find it difficult to concentrate for longer duration. Allow them some flexibility by handing out multiple copies of this break pass. Whenever the child needs a break, he or she can hand it over to the therapist/educator or whoever concerned.

Project Task Analysis

Another Autism Task Analysis Board that breaks up a task with well defined beginning and end. It works on the basis of: Preferred and Non Preferred Activities, Prepares the student when an activity task is beginning and when it will end, and Clarifies expectations regarding Activities and Tasks

First Then Visual Schedule

Both Simple and Complex Task management boards are available. Allows a child to visually breakdown challenging activities into simple "First"... "Then"... and "Next" statements. Teaches you child that success is all about small steps at a time.

Daily Living Task Analysis

This is one of our flagship Autism picture. It has the ability to breakdown complex daily activities, getting ready for school and going to toilet into simple, manageable visual steps that not only makes the process super easy but also make the process such a whole lot fun!

Get daily chores done, and make it more fun! Clockwise from top: Getting dressed for School, Using Toilet and Washing Hands