ADHD Diet Plan

So what should a healthy platter constitute for your child with ADHD? Please note that this article details some essential guidelines around ADHD diet for kids. If your child also has Autism, you might prefer to check out our guidelines around Gluten Free (GFCF) Diet for Autism instead. A Healthy ADHD Diet Plan for your Kid [...]

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Autism Symptoms Checklist

So what are the early signs of Autism and why should you care? You may be wondering child is facing difficulties in certain areas. You may have also noticed that your child is not meeting the emotional, social and behavioral growth milestones (check out our Development assessment tools for children) that are normally expected of other children of similar age. Before [...]

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Activities for Autistic Children

One of my favorite therapy activities for Autistic Children is called Floor Time Play. This is a therapy that promotes interaction between parent and child and can be done by you at home. Therapists use this as a tool to bring your child into the world of play which you get to be a part of…if invited! [...]

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ADHD Symptoms in Girls

It hardly comes as a surprise that the standards used for diagnosis of ADHD in children is primarily based on the behavior pattern of boys. The below statistics should tell you why! Fig 1: ADD diagnosis rates for Children in Unites States Fig 2: ADHD Gender Ratio for Children in United States. Download Graph [...]

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ADHD Medication for Children

The content of this post is purely for informational and awareness purposes and should not (under any circumstances) be considered as medical advice. Prescription obtained upon consulting a registered physician is a MUST before administering ADHD Medication in Children. Note: This post mostly covers medication for ADHD. For children with Autism, please refer to the Autism Medications [...]

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What Is Risperdal Used For

This post will discuss what is Risperdal used for, it's effectiveness in minimizing Autism symptoms and the various mild to serious Risperdal side effects in children with Autism. Before you read this, we would strongly recommend that you refer to our Autism Medication Parent's Guide The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use [...]

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Borderline Autism

Of all the Autism Spectrum Disorders, Borderline Autism is one of the most complex developmental disorders to diagnose. Borderline Autism Symptoms This article would cover most of the widely known symptoms of High Functioning or Borderline Autism. However, the quickest way to find out whether you (or your child) have borderline autism is to take one of [...]

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Oppositional Defiant Disorder Treatment

Fig 1: Oppositional Defiant Disorder Treatment Relational Model. Download Media In this post, I will cover the various oppositional defiant disorder treatment strategies and a real-life ODD Case Study. For details on what is ODD and get an insight on some of the common ODD prevalence statistics, click here. What Exactly is Oppositional Defiant [...]

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ADHD Myths and Facts

                        Fig 1: ADHD Myths and Facts There is not a lot of information out there on ADHD! So, how do you differentiate between ADHD myths and facts? Since everyone seems to have a different opinion on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and [...]

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