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Have you ever been to any of the East Asian countries? If you didn’t, you should really look forward to visiting them. Out of all countries, Thailand stands out for a number of reasons. The country is home to some of the most exotic tourism spots and has a mystery associated with it. The home town of the Buddhist civilization, the country has many ancient traditions that you will find inspiring. The good news is that you have a number of options to apply for a Thailand visa. All you need to do is to visit the nearest Royal Thai consulate for the purpose and lay down your requirements. Here is more about why should you acquire services of the best immigration consultants in Pune:

Visas offered

Thailand is a busy place and is a much loved tourism spot in Asia. You will seldom see so many people rushing in to get themselves a tourist visa to one country as you will likely see outside the Thai consulate. Though the numbers can fluctuate a little, the country sees many tourists coming each year. You can apply for a Thailand in several different categories. Some of these are as follows:

  • Non-immigrant visa
  • Transit visa
  • Business visa
  • Employment visa
  • Teaching visa
  • Tourist visa
  • OA visa (if you intend to stay longer in the country)
  • OX visa (if you want to stay for at least 10 years)
  • Courtesy visa
  • Diplomatic visa

With so many visas available, you can get a little confused as to which one to apply for. Factually, it all comes down to what you need the visa for. Once you’ve laid down your requirements, you should visit the consulate and explain your purpose of applying for the visa.

Since most tourists, the transit visa is the best option that lets them enter and visit the place. just carry your passport, photographs and relevant documents to the Pune consulate and ask for a transit visa application. Upon filling the application, you should follow the instructions and hand over the application along with documents to the pertinent authorities. The validity of your passport should not be less than six months. Likewise, the consulate reserves the right to ask for more information from the candidate if necessary.

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