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I am Ashish, the admin for this website. Having grown up with an Autistic brother, I understand the hurdles families face dealing with Autism. I have also realized that lots could be achieved by harnessing the strengths of Autistic children to integrate them into the society. Here, we share the objective to make that information freely available! Read more

PECS Autism Communication Cards for Children with ASD

This article with give you a complete overview of how Communication Cards are used to facilitate Learning and Development of kids with Autism. After reading this article, you will have a solid understanding of the PECS autism framework. Difficulty in developing and using verbal speech for communication is a common symptom of autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The Picture [...]

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How to Deal With Autism

Welcome to this Global Autism Community whose sole mission is to assist you in dealing & coping with Autism. Autism is not a personal situation, it is a universal issue that demands attention at a global diaspora. This website is dedicated to the cause of Autism, where we talk about Autism and share ideas on how we can [...]

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High Functioning Autism and Asperger’s

No one will display all the known characteristics of autism; some individuals may exhibit only a few. Just as no two non-autistic people, including identical twins who are absolutely alike, no two individuals with Asperger syndrome or high functioning autism behave in exactly the same way. All, however, have some difficulties interacting with other people and some odd [...]

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Sleep Problems in Children with Autism or ADHD

Sleeplessness  affects children with autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Cerebral Palsy (CP) and other conditions, which can cause difficulties in learning and produce challenging behavior in the child.  Most often, poor sleep occurs due to problems in achieving an appropriate sleep-awake cycle. There can be various causes for sleep problems, [...]

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ADHD Student Resources

As a massive relief for adult students with ADHD, recent developments in education policies in United States would make it much easier for such individuals to enrol admissions into colleges and build a successful career. Scholarships, grants and other options are now available for those diagnosed with ADHD. Though ADD and ADHD are often deemed as learning [...]

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Autism Screening

Autism Screening Tests are conducted to verify whether the symptoms truly point to autism. If so, immediate medical treatment can extensively reduce the severity of this condition. So these tests are important for analyzing the state of a person with symptoms of autism. Start Autism Screening Now Use this test wizard to automatically redirect you [...]

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How to Potty Train an Autistic Child?

Wondering how to potty train an autistic child? Your potty training strategy would depend on 3 key elements. Take this 15 seconds online quiz so that our system can guide you to the potty training resource that is most appropriate for your child. Toilet training could get really hard for children with Autism, Asperger’s and ADHD. [...]

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Autism Epidemic – How Real is it?

“While there are few Flat-Earthers who insist that there is no real epidemic of autism, only an increased awareness, it is obvious to everyone else that the number of young children with autism spectrum disorders has risen, and continues to rise, dramatically.” Is excessive Media Attention causing the fear of Autism Epidemic? The [...]

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