Questions to Ask Your Exhibition Contractors

Boosting your company’s presence is crucial, especially in a very competitive market. You need to maximize all channels and ensure that you are striking the right balance to reach and capture your target.

The competition is even harder in below the line marketing as you need to get the attention of your audience face to face, which is why exhibitors are taking fairs and exhibition events seriously. Being successful in this channel gives great opportunity for company to close the deal face to face.

To be a successful on this, exhibitors employ the help of genius exhibition stand Dubai contractors to help them build their exhibition booths. Having the right team would certainly give you an edge on the event.

If you are currently looking for one, know the right questions to ask to your future contractors:

  1. Can I have a copy of your portfolio?

The portfolio serves as the calling card of exhibition contractors. It showcase their past projects and body of work. As a client, it is important for you to see their past projects so you can judge if their work is up to your standards. You can ask specifics about their projects on how they fabricate and install the following exhibition booths. From there, you will know how they work.


  1. May I know your timeline?

Exhibition booths should be installed days before the event so your contractors must be keen on their deadlines – from submission of design to fabrication and installation. They must also include timelines for approvals so the timetable would not be too tight. You can also their backup plan in case something unfortunate happened.


  1. May I know what other services you are offering?

It wouldn’t hurt to ask if they are also offering other services aside from booth design and fabrication. This would show the range of what they can do. Most exhibition stand contractors Dubai companies offered full services from exhibition booths to pavilion solutions.


  1. May I know your price range?

As much as exhibitors want to spend money on fairs and booth, most of them are following a strict budget. Given your idea, ask your prospective contractors if your budget would be able to

Accommodate the design that you want, and what adjustments can be made to meet your allocated budget.


  1. Would it be okay to meet your team?

A company representative would probably talk to you most of the time, but it wouldn’t hurt to meet the whole team who will be working on your project. By meeting them, you can personally tell them you vision and they can ask questions to clarify some concerns they have regarding the project.